Current Openings
Audio Codec Development:
3-6 yrs of Experience.
Should have worked on Audio Codec standards
Should have experience in Multimedia framework (openmax,Gstreamer etc...)
Should have hands on Experience in Post Processing Algorithms.
Audio Codec with DSP:
3-6 yrs of Experience.
Shld have Experience inaudio Codec Optimization.
Shld have experience in DSP.
Middleware Expert:
3-6 years of Experience
Experience in Development of Middleware for Setup Box.
Shld have experience in Transport Streams(PMT,PAT,SI etc...)
Experience in DTV and STB.
Connectivity :
3-6 years of Experience
Should have Experience in File parsers.
Should have experience in File Formats (AVI,ASF etc....)
Device Driver Development :
3-6 yrs of Experience.
Should have experience in Device Driver Development for any of the
peripheral devices or Mobile devices or Audio codec Device driver development.
Should have Experience in Linux.
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